Sunday, October 2, 2022
What are the advantages in participating in the Trust?


  • - The trust is owned by you, the members of the Alabama Funeral Directors Association.
  • - It is managed by a president and a board of directors elected by you, the membership.
  • - The funeral trust is controlled by the AFDA Trust Board, your peers.
  • - Trust performance is outstanding and the trust continues to grow! It is just shy of $39 million!
  • - Our “Member Benefit Plan” assigns points based on your participation which equals dollars for you use toward payment of registration fees for AFDA events, dues payments and continuing education seminars..
  • - All trust agreement documents are provided to you at no cost!
  • - It is the easiest contract you will ever complete. • An insurance agent’s license is not required!
  • - ASI provides a streamlined reporting system on your behalf to the Alabama Department of Insurance as required by law